Friday, 15 March 2013

wallpaper goes on

Hi All

Feel like I am on a roll, got a lot done yesterday, finished painting the shop front, wallpapered the shop, started making the shop counter and the area for trying out instruments, sometimes every thing just falls into place and this was one of those days.

not doing a lot today, real life needs to be attended to, things like shopping, housework, its got to be done.

Some good news, do not know if you remember I have been waiting for my operation to my rt. shoulder, last time it was cancelled due to my chest problems and I had to go through series of tests, well I got the all clear to go ahead in January, and did not think much about it, yesterday I got a call, my pre op is on the 26th March, and my op is 10th April, not far away, only thing I will not be able to use my rt arm for 6=8 weeks, will have to find some thing to occupy me, as I get bored just watching TV and doing nothing.

here are the photos

have used sheet music here, it will have a black and white tiled floor

just the name to put on
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