Monday, 18 March 2013

Its Monday and more

Hi All

Before I do anything I must say thank you and welcome to my new followers, sorry it took a while for me to say this.

Yes its Monday and you know what happens today, yes I will be flying around the web looking for give a ways for you to enter, have fun and please let me know if you win.

Now lets talk about the music shop, I have been really getting stuck in with it now, it always seems to speed up when I am near the finishing line,  I have started adding the instruments and other bits and pieces, I have so much, finished of the sound booth, just have a shelf to go in, finish of the floor, I had to get more flooring, I got the checked floor from Jennifer's printies, down loaded it onto card and the laminated it, I made another shelf unit to put the records on, made some music sheets, did lots really, you will see from the photos, I am waiting for the top part to be made before I can do the ceiling and the lights. I have made some signs they will go on to the shop front,

Before I can get on with the shop I have got loads of minis to wrap and get ready for posting, I nearly sold every thing I put on eBay this week, I sell to ensure that I have enough money to carry on with my hobby, not being able to work, I live on a strict budget, so I am always pleased when my minis sell. I am also saving hard, my son is getting married this August, so need an outfit, I am making them both something really special for a gift,  I cannot say what it is or even show you, my son checks out my blog, when it is done and the wedding is over will show you.

Before I nip off and find give a ways I had better show you some photo's

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