Thursday, 7 March 2013

What a day

Hi All

I am feeling pretty good at the moment, my new inhaler is working and I am not as breathless, so I decided to look through my stash and sort out bits I do not want, I was really ruthless and if I could not do anything with it then out it went. Now I have a load of stuff to go on eBay this weekend, Phew

I did take time out to start painting the front of my music shop, I decided on a lovely dark green with a red door. I am trying out  some stuff my dad gave me, its called Maskol, you paint it on the areas where you do not want the paint to go and when it finished painting you just peel it off, anyone tried it?
Will let you know what I think of it, hope it works.

I went shopping the other day with my mum and dad, I could not resist a lovely little bird box, as if I needed another one, I have 8 in my garden, some are in the shed waiting to be painted, but I love bird boxes.
well enough rambling, have a look at my pictures

the green looks grey in the picture, but it is really green honest.

my new bird box,

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