Saturday, 23 February 2013

I continue

Hi all
I am continuing to learn about my new lap top, I thought I had backed up my files, but it had not worked, I have a friend who is a wizard on computers so he is going to have a look to see if he can get my files for me, hope so, I had a lot of work on the old one.

this is funny, I had spent ages trying to get my internet connected and every time I put the security code it would not work, so I rang Talk Talk, got a very nice man who spent a while going through the stages with me, it still did not work, after about 10mins he asked if I was using lower case or capitals for the code, I said lower and it turns out it should of been in capitals, guess what it worked straight away.

So then I thought lets get my talk talk email going, and I kept getting a message that said there was a problem please ring for advice, I finally rang, again got a really nice man, again we went through what I was doing, he then said what was the site I was on, when I looked it was TalkTalk Time, not mine, so I said sorry and went on to the right site and guess what I got my email,

getting confident now so installed my Norton account, got back all my passwords, and now apart from my files I am doing ok, I am hoping by the end of this weekend I will have mastered my lap top.

I am now looking for the translator button to add so I can read some of the blogs I follow, I have got to install my printer and camera and I should be ready to go, Then I can get back to my minis

lets hope I do not make any more mistakes and will be back on Monday to find give a ways
till then wish me luck
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