Sunday, 24 February 2013

I am getting there

Hi All

yes I am finally getting there, I was getting frustrated at not being able to read some of your blogs, I could not find the translator button,  after many hours, well it seemed like that, I down loaded  Google Chrome, so now I had another thing to get used to, the best bit I managed to find out how to translate languages, now I am a happy bunny, I can read my friends blogs.

I have found a disc from my old lap top and intend to go through this today to see if I can retrieve my work, if not I will have to have my old laptop repaired, I just really want my photos back, they are not just my minis but my family, my pets and my holidays, I have learnt one thing from all this in future I will back up my files.

I also want to connect my printer and camera, if it works I will pop on  a photo of the lovely shop front I have brought.

I did think, technology is great until it goes wrong.
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