Friday, 22 February 2013

what a time

Hi All
thank you for your help with printers, I for now will have to continue with the printer I have as my lap top decided it had had enough, I admit I had been nurturing it along for the last couple of months, and one morning I switched it on and nothing, no matter how much I pleaded, cried, bribed, shouted, swore and flirted it would not come out to play, so I have got a brand new up to date bloody confusing new lap top, its like learning all over again, nothing is where I left it, so today instead of minis I am going to play lap topping.

I am hoping that my Norton on line file saving account lives up to its name and I can get all my files back, if not I will have to have my old one repaired ( my son is hoping this is the case, as he has is eye on it) so I can get back my work.

On face book I have a lot of photos of my minis and some of my family, but there still is a lot missing. Wish me luck.

I went to my dolls house club yesterday, I belong to 2, they are both every month, one is during the day and the other is at night, we did not do a lot just lots of chatting and gossip, I did manage to get a lovely shop front, it has 2 large windows and double doors, I just have to persuade my friend to make the room box to go with it.

Well am off now to play around with my new lap top and hopefully when I next see you I have the hang of it
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