Tuesday, 29 January 2013

more work done

Hi All
 Wow I must say hello and thank you I have now reached 211 followers, you  crept up on me,
just pleased that you liked my blog enough to follow me, so welcome.
so pleased that I am able to get into my work room, the cold weather seems to be over, just have the rain to get over now. One good thing my routine bloods were ok this month and she is letting me go 3 weeks before the next test, I must be a good girl till then,

I have been carrying on with the piano, I changed the inside, I was not happy with the wires that I was using as strings, so I painted some cocktail sticks gold and used them, I just have to come up with an idea now for the little white rubber bits that go in there, ( can you tell how much knowledge I have got about pianos) 

I also worked on a jewellery cabinet, now that the paint had dried I could begin to add some gold decoration, I added a green base and have made 2 jewellery boxes with jewels inside, I want to make a couple more items before it is finished. Will look at it tomorrow.
 anyway have a look at the photos

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