Monday, 29 October 2012

I love Mondays

Hi All

Yes I love Mondays, why I do not know, just thought I would say it.
Did not get much done to my minis this weekend, had a bit of a lazy 2 days, some times I have to let my body rest, Feeling great today, so minis on the menu.

Will be flying around the web soon finding Give a ways for you to enter, please let me know if you enter and if you win.

I have had a lot of lovely comments about my feature of "Franks Place" in the "Dolls houe and Miniature scene" magazine, must admit I am still feeling good about that, it is very nice to have your work noticed.

Has anyone heard where and how Mini Jazzi is? cannot seem to find her.

Well of I go, look out for the Give a ways
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