Thursday, 1 November 2012

The day after

Hi All

I was so shocked to see the damage how friends in the USA have suffered after the storm, It will take a long time to get back to some kind of order, My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Well I survived another Trick or Treat night, I am afraid, as much as I love Halloween, I turn into a bit of a misery and I have a sign saying no to trick or treaters, this is not because I am mean, its because I have 2 doggies and they go crazy every time the door bell goes and the though of constant ringing and barking is more than I could stand, so my night here passed quietly, I just have firework night to go, around here we have fireworks every night for about a week leading up to the big night, it my doggies are not scared of the noise, they just bark a lot and want to go outside every time they hear a bang, Bliss.

 Had a bit of a rough day yesterday so did not get a lot done, Jan at the shop had asked me for some little minis to sell, so I have made little gift packs, they consist of, apron, oven gloves and set of tea towels, hope she likes them.
have a look
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