Tuesday, 30 October 2012

my xmas work for the shop

Hi All

I must start off with thoughts to our blog friends in America. please stay safe.

Yesterday was a disaster, I searched for nearly 2 hours for a new give a way, could not find any that you had not already seen, hopefully I will have more luck next week. Sorry.

I managed to complete my Christmas scene, will be taking it to the shop today, I came up with a great idea for the fire I had not got a fire that I could put into the fireplace, and I sat there pondering what could I do? so I got out my stash, I have a box just full of Christmas stuff, well in there I found a little wreath that had flashing lights behind it, the sort you get at Christmas to put on your coat, so I removed the wreath, this left the lights and the tiny battery, I could not just put that in, so I shredded some gold and red shinny paper, put all this in the fire with the light behind it. it worked, So I know what i will be looking for today when I go into Town.

Here are the photo's

This is how the scene will be set, sorry pic not to good

The furniture, really pleased with this, as I printed my own fabric

getting ready for Christmas, cards to write, parcels to wrap

in here, there is a box of Xmas decorations to finish the tree, some parcels that have been wrapped, chaos just like my house near Xmas,
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