Saturday, 19 May 2012

new project

Hi All
First I must say a big thank you to my new followers, I hope you enjoy my ramblings and projects, please feel free to comment I love comments, and talking about comments, thank you all for the lovely comments you have made about my shabby chic shop, they mad me feel very good and I am glad you liked what I had done. I am now going to put the shop up for sale, half of me does not want to sell it, But I have to do not have the room for all my projects.

So on to my new project, sometime ago I picked up from the kiddies shop a set of tiny chickens, they were so cute, I thought one day I would make a use of them, and that day has come.

This time I am making the chicken coop from scratch. I found a small cardboard box, and used this as my base. I sketched a drawing of the design I wanted.
I then started on the box, I shaped it and cut out the windows and doors, I lined it with mount board, using tape I put it together, I papered the ceiling and started to paper the walls, I need to finish this today.

I am using corrugated card for the roof and outside walls, I painted the roof and have left that to dry, then I covered the box in the card and then painted it, that was left to dry,

I will be working on it again today, I need now to design the inside, I think I will be having a half flooring the ceiling to have as a bedding area, will have to work on that to see if I can make it work.
anyway have a look.

 shaping of the box

this will become the roof

I found this window, fitted to box

box covered with cardboard and inside decorating beginning

the family

Muppet my puppy in her bed, in the work room

Freebie, she loves the camera

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