Friday, 12 October 2012

update on minis

Hi All

I have now taken my minis that I made to Jan's shop, she was so pleased, she now wants her own dolls house, I always knew this hobby was contagious, it seems to spread very quickly.
Jan was so pleased she put the bedroom display in the window, a prime position, she also changed where she was going to put them in the shop.o now we wait, she has said if she gets enough people wanting miniatures, she has an empty room upstairs in her shop ans she may look at having that to sell miniatures and dolls houses,

Jan now wants me to make a Christmas scene, luckily I had started to make my Christmas cabin and have already got some minis done, so the cabin will go on the back burner and I will use what I have got to make the scene.

Jan is a really nice person and I am so glad that I met her.

Will keep you updated if or when I sell my first miniature.
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