Monday, 8 October 2012

the news

Hi All

I have been followering the news this week about the missing 5 year old, April, its so sad, they now have arrested a man for murder and abduction, but have not found her yet, I cannot imagine what her perants must be going through, sometimes I wonder what is happening in this world of ours, my tjoughts and prayers are with her family.

hope you have had a good weekend, mine was quiet, I continued to make my minis to go in the shop, nearly finished, just a few odds and sods to do, I found in my shed 2 half boxes that I got from Sue Ryder charity shop, they were used for displaying minis, I had forgot about them, they need a tidy up, but will be very useful,
I will show you them when I have make them look a lot nicer than they look now.

I have got my appointment for my CT, I am having a Angiogram pulmonary, Ct Chest high resolution, basically they are looking in depth at my lungs, its on the 17th of this month, not looking forward to it, but hopefully it will give us an answer to my breathlessness, My consultant rang me up last week to discuss the scan, she said I do not want you to worry, but I wanted you to have all the facts, she said if there are still clots in my lungs they may have to look at removing them, depending on how many and how big, I love it when they say do not worry!!

Going to my dolls house club tonight, really enjoy it, we start to make stuff then usually end up laughing, but its good fun.

Well I am off now to see if I can find you any give a ways, and to check up on MJ, I hear she is off on her travels again, we do not know where she is going, are you followering her?
wish it could be me, all those wonderful places to see.
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