Monday, 22 October 2012

Its MOnday

Hi All

I have not got a lot done this week, its funny how time goes, when I was younger time seem to take forever, but now I am older, I blink and the day is over, I went to the shop and my minis look great set out in the window, the others are on a shelf with a spot light on them, she has had a lot of people talking about them and one of the biggest comments is the amount of detail that is in them, nothing as sold yet, Jan was disappointed but I did say that I did not expect them to sell straight away, I found I was reassuring her.

I am so excited I have won a give a way, a lovely blog from Wyrna, she has the blog A fairytale come true, so much looking forward to receiving this

I am still working on the Xmas scene, I have found a lovely fibre optic Christmas tree, that will fit in very well. There will be photos, but having little space available now I have got selective as to what I show, I am still working on freeing up space.

This Sunday I went with my dad to a railway exhibition, I find the scenery is just fantastic, the detail and the size is incredible, I have taken photos and will show you my favourite, its depicts rural France, the river ,looks like it is flowing, anyway see for your selves

Well I am off to find you some more Give A Ways,

can you see what I mean about the river, I want to go there

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