Thursday, 2 August 2012

Trash to treasure

Hi all

I have started, I got some photos of "Franks" laboratory equipment, I must admit it looks very interesting, anyway I got out my box of trash and started to create the equipment,
I love doing this as it really stretches my imagination, it took me all day to create 3 bits, I had to keep waiting for glue to dry, before I started on the next bit, not very good at that as I get impatient and want to get it finished, got some photos for you.

I laughed yesterday, I am so glad my neighbour know what I do, we were chatting away and then I said " got to go, my coffins should be dry by now" if anyone had been listening they would wonder what I was doing. yes I made and painted a coffin, may use it for the scene, not sure yet.

Got my appointment today with my consultant, I should find out what is wrong with my breathing, part of me does not want to know, but the other half says if I know I can get on with it and deal with it.

I have included a photo of my babies, I cannot believe Muppet is 1 year old this month, the time goes so quick.
Enough rambling, here's the photos

some of the trash I used

what I made, do not ask me what they are, as I do not have a clue

Freebie(yorkie) Muppet (yorkiepoo)


Anna said...

great compositions!! all the best! Anne

Ascension said...

Muy interesante, podrias hacer una escena de un inventor.
Preciosos Freebie y Muppets!!!
besitos ascension

Maria Ireland said...

Happy Birthday to Muppet :) Wow your creations look wonderful. They will look great in a Laboratory scene. Good luck at the Doc.
Hugs Maria