Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Starting a new project

Hi All
I noticed yesterday that I have some new followers, hello and welcome to my blog, hope you will enjoy what I create, please feel free to leave comments.

Yes I have started a new project, I have had a black coffin and a body lying around for ages, just waiting for me to do something with, I kept looking at it waiting for inspiration, nothing came, then light bulb moment, I will do a horror scene, so that meant researching what I could do, I finally picked Frankenstein's Laboratory. Sound good?.

I have got several pictures of equipment and of Franks, ( how I like to call him) laboratory,
Yesterday I sat and sorted through my stash of bits and have put aside items that may come in useful. again I will be using trash to try and create this.

So no photos to show you just yet, today I will start to make the equipment, will take photos of the trash I use, so you can see how I transform it into something.

This project is a change from my usual shabby chic miniatures, but every so often I think we all need to create something different.

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