Monday, 30 July 2012

Had a few days off

Hi All
been a bit lazy last week, I took advantage of the brilliant sunshine we have had, my son and I managed to get quite a bit done to the garden, well he did, I supervised.
we finished decorating the toilet, just needs flooring now, that will come after the bathroom is finished, I can then get both floors done.
Got my haircut and styled, went to town on "the beast" that's what I am now calling my scooter. I love it, I have got so much of my Independence back, I am whizzing about everywhere.
It was my birthday on Sunday, both my sons took me out for a meal, I had a lovely day.
the only minis I did was to finish a scooter that someone ordered from me.
anyway rest over, lots I want to do today, this week, first I am making some new cushion covers for my settee, and a new throw, will have to put photos on.
see you all soon
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