Tuesday, 7 August 2012

so exicited

yes I am excited, yesterday my son gave me his old tower from his computer and his old telly, between us we took them apart, I got so many goodies, my son did make the comment if he knew I would get so excited over trash, he could of saved money for my birthday, next year he will visit the local dump!!!.

I now have a great selection of goodies to play with, so I have finished another table, I have added wires, I will be attaching these to the walls, got a plan in my mind.

I went to my local dolls house club, Monday night, we are all working on making miniatures in something unusual, never got anything done, it usually involves, lots of laughter, eating cakes and saying what we would be doing, rather than doing, still I do enjoy it.

Also my eldest son is now away for a few weeks, so have set up skype, did I swear, got it all set up, put in my password and it kept rejecting it, frustrating as I knew my son was waiting for me to call, after a little while of telling my computer what I would do with it, I happened to look at the password I had took a note of when I set it up, guess what I was putting it in the wrong way, so after saying sorry to the computer, I had a lovely chat with my son.

Back to minis, today, town first, then back to minis, I hope to start decorating the room box today, got some lovely stone wall paper so I am hoping that will give me the effect I want, while you wait for the next bit, here is a photo of the finished table.

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