Friday, 6 July 2012

I have been playing

Hi All
It arrived Thursday, what arrived? my mobility scooter, so I had to play, took it out on the road, it was very easy to drive, I love it, just got to puck up courage to take it to town, I know that it will mean I have some of my freedom back, I am excited but there is part of me that is sad that to get around I have to use a scooter, no doubt when I have got used to being on it and going places I will feel better.
Was going to go into town today, but we have had rain and more rain, we are not having a summer, just rain, maybe tomorrow it will be dry enough for me to go out.

I played around with minis this morning, I just had to make a mini scooter, pleased with it, I used my usual amount of junk and wood, anyway have a look at what I ended up making

found bits in here, plus used wood

my mini scooter

blinged up

my scooter

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