Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Its open

Hi All

Yes I opened my Esty shop yesterday, its under debbiesminicreations, I need to find out how I put a button and link on my blog, I have only put on one item so far, will be putting more today, it took a while to set it up, now I hlope I get sales, wish me luck.

Had a great day yesterday, I seemed to get on with my minis and got some finished,

I finished the desk, I added accessories to make it look more realistic, I think now I have finished my pink theme, now will do some minis in blue, I had an old settee that at some time I had sprayed black, it had lost its cushions and fabric covers, so I striped it back to wood, that was hard going, but finally I got it to a stage where I could repaint it, I gave it a base coat of white, then used 2 shades of blue, when dry I distressed it and made covers for it, and made a blanket as a throw, I have this lovely thin wool like material, that is great for blankets,  it looks quite good, but I will leave that to you.

I also made stands for my teacup candles, I still need to fill the cups and add wicks so they look like candles, I have now got some liquid filmo, so will be doing that today.
I did get a bit carried away and made some accessories for the dolls house.
I made 2 bird houses in shabby chic

I went to our local dolls house club Monday night, we learnt to play with filmo, I made some pastry and waffles, it was great fun,

Had a phone call yesterday, my scooter arrives tomorrow. I am hoping it does not rain as I want to play with it, it will be great to get some freedom and Independence back. wait till you see it.

I have also put on some pictures of my bedroom for you to see, my son finished painting it, it just needs my pictures back up and maybe a shelf, son is doing that today,
I got a bargain on eBay, 10 tiny chandelier's, they had been part of a big chandelier and the sellar had taken them apart, they will work very well in shabby chic, have one or 2 ideas for them, but need to think about it first.

anyway enough of the chat here's the pictures

I have put lots of personal papers in the drawers

pastry and waffles I made at bthe club, need to cook them

my Kirstie Allstrop wallpaper

My edwardian dressing table, a bargain at 30.00

can you see my mannikin, I dressed this myself

picture not great, this is my chandelier

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