Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Exciting news

Hi All
I have some exciting news to tell you-------------------------- I am getting a mobility scooter, yes you read right, a scooter, for a long while now I have had to rely on others to take me places, even a trip to the local shop is hard for me, so for the sake of my sanity and to give me back some degree of independce I got myself a mobility scooter.
it will be here next week, I shall have to bling it up. Looking forward to it, I will show you a picture when it comes.

Back to minis, did not do a lot over the weekend, we was getting my bedroom ready for painting, my son painted it yesterday, it looks really nice, just need my pictures put up and its done, next room is the hall, it will be a while till we do that, have to get the paper, paint, its so hard when you look at designs, see in your mind what it will look like, you have to get it right first time, as its not like a mini house, where if you make a mistake you can take it off, hopefully going next weekend to get the bits I need, see I told you I babble on, back to minis,
Last night I went to our local dollshouse club, we had a great laugh, we learnt how to use filmo, how to colour it, give it texture, all sorts of things then we went on to do some for ourselves, I made some pastry which had some tarts cut out, tarts and waffles, when that are cooked I will post a picture on here, I have not done a lot with filmo, usually just make bits as i need them, but I did get a bit hooked and will be experimenting to see what I can do, I did come home with some liquid filmo, so I can put this into cups, so they look like they are filled with coffee/tea, helps to make a scene more realistic.

today I will be back in my workroom, creating.
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