Sunday, 24 June 2012

Insipiration is flowing

Hi All,
as much as I do not like the rain, it has allowed me to be in my work room and create, because if it was sunny I would be working in the garden, so you see the rain does have it uses.

I have continued with my pink shabby chic theme, I have completed the hall stand and the dressing table, I also found a hall table, so that was attacked as well. I am now working on a matching bed and chair.

On the hall stand, I made 2 handbags and a shopping bag, for the dressing table, I made perfume bottles and a diamond necklace, I placed other bits on it.
I am very pleased with the result of these so far and I am looking forward to making the rest.
I have not forgot my ducks and the beach hut, just put them aside for a while, so I can get on with these

update on cup bird feeders, need to make a base

little box I made covered with Kath Kidston paper
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