Monday, 25 June 2012

I have been so busy

Hi All
Again we have had loads of rain, so I have been in my work room, apart from Saturday, I had a fall, I have a concrete step from my kitchen to my work room and I tripped and fell over, I now have some lovely colours on both my legs and feet, still it gave me an excuse to sit.

I managed to get a lot done with my minis and I finished my beach scene, the ducks are so happy they now have a lovely area where the kids can play and dad can snooze, mum, well i am sure what she is doing, I must think about making her a seat, so she can sit and read her book or something, I will think about it.

I repainted a bed in 2 shades of pink, distressed it added a padded headboard, and using just white and lace I made covers for it, I also distressed a chair in the same way, covered it and added a bow to finish it off.
I added birds to the teacup feeders and made a shabby chic cake staned, using 3 odd plates and findings, I then added some cakes. see how busy I have been

Anyway enough of me rabbiting on, let me show you the photos.

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