Thursday, 5 April 2012

Decisions, decisions

Hi All,
Gosh another follower, thank you. Enjoy yourself.

I had a lovely gift yesterday, my friend Sue, sent me 2 lovely knited shawls and ating handbag, I had sent her some spare wool and this was her gift to me, so sweet.

Over the last couple of months I have lost friends that I knew from school both my age 55, it made me think, The years go so fast, we should never forget the friends we have and the friends we have lost.

Did not get a lot done yesterday, well not enough to tell you about, I spent most of the day sanding, painting more sanding, more painting.
I did get another unit finished, I filled it with objects.

I got a bit side tracked, I found a sweet little bird box the other day, I was about to go and put it in my garden and I thought it looked very plain, so I sanded it and painted it, told you it was a boring day, I have not yet decided what I will do with it yet, it has its base colour of white, I will see today if I get any inspiration, will show you the finished result.

Back to my shabby chic shop, I am still not sure about the stairs, I considered a spiral staircase, but that still took up space, I then considered turning the staircase to the other wall, this did give space back but it hid the windows, Today I am going to look at maybe a false door giving the indication of stairs behind it. See what I mean about decisions.

Off the subject a bit, I am going to mention the weather, I know that's all the English seem to talk about, but last week we was in our tee-shirts and enjoying really hot weather and this week, its cold, wet and windy and I have had to turn my heating back on, in some places they have loads of snow, unbelievable.

well you have probably had enough of me wittering on so I will show you the dresser I finished yesterday, hope to have more to show you tomorrow and hopefully I will have decided what I am going to do, watch this space.

the dresser, filled with bits that will be for sale in the shop, I hope I have achieved the cluttered look.

my lovely gifts

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