Monday, 19 March 2012

still bored, still resting

Hi All
well I am still resting and I am still bored,
had a bit of a scare on Thursday, I finally got to see my GP, she diagnosed cellulitis, so now on antibiotics, she then decided in view of my history, we had better check there is no clots, so I had to go to hospital for a scan to my leg, thank goodness, no clot, will admit was a bit scared in case they found one.

I do hope today that I can at lease do something, I was making doggy packs to sell, I keep peeping in my work room and they are still there winking at me, shouting "finish me"

I had a lovely mothers day, I had a bouquet of flowers delivered in the morning from both of my sons, and then my youngest started me off with boiled eggs and toast for breakfast and a steak dinner, plus he pampered me all day, I love my kids, even if they drive me mad sometimes, I would never be without them.

I am relying on you all not to tell anyone I am going into my work room, I promise to have my leg elevated, will let you know how I get on,
have a nice day
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