Saturday, 17 March 2012

hi all

Hi All
welcome to my new followers, hope you enjoy my blog, feel free to make comments,
thank you all for your lovely comments, its so nice to know you care

update on the leg, I finally got to see the GP, and it appears that I have cellulitis, so more antibiotics, but because of my history of clots, I was rushed to the hospital for an urgent scan, thankfully I do not have any clots, so still resting, still bored,I am feeling a bit better and the pain is not so bad now. I hope that by Monday I will be able to do a little bit of work on my minis.

While I am lying in bed, I have been looking at your blogs, I think I have read a lot from beginning to now, I am so impressed with your work. there is a lot of talented people out there.

I have left you all a little gift of more printies, I have lots of printies, if you are looking for something, check with me, you never know I just may have it.
here's your printie. ( for personal use only please )

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