Tuesday, 20 March 2012

how dod I do

Hi All
for all my bragging that I was going to sneak into my work room and create, I did not get very far, my leg was so swollen and achy after my shower, that all I could do was lie down on my bed to rest, when I woke up it was 5.30 in the afternoon, must of needed that sleep.

Today I did do a little, I am making some doggy packs to sell, so far I have got the coats cut out ready to sew, did not stay in there for long. I did not want to risk it.

I had a phone call today, if you remember I have torn ligaments to my rt. shoulder, ( I know I am falling apart) I am on the waiting list, I was thinking it would be a while before I had it done, then today I was asked if the 17th April a good day for me, yes says I, so this Friday I am seeing the pre op nurse. the only thing is in the leaflet I have about my op, it says for 4-6 weeks I should not use my arm except to do physio, what is it about this year, I am beginning to think some one is conspiring against me and is trying to prevent me doing any minis.

see you all tomorrow, God willing x
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