Thursday, 15 March 2012

hi all

Hi All
well I still have a swollen leg, and today will be my 4th day to try to get an appointment with my GP, we have this system, where you have 30 minutes to ring for an appointment, it has been engaged every time, and when I finally get through there are no appointments left, I tried pleading with the Dragon, oops I meant receptionist, no luck, I could of got one with a certain GP, but I refused as I reported him last year for lack of duty of care, long story, not to told in public, sorry.

So here I sit with my phone in my hand, watching the clock and waiting for that time I can put my finger on redial, and hope I get in.

My leg remains very swollen and painful, I cannot sit of stand for long, so I have been lazing in bed, getting bored with daytime TR, where do they get those people from on Jeremy Kyle show. I asked my son if he wanted to go on there, we could go with " my mother is an alien, and it is causing me problems" he declined, no sense of adventure.

Still no minis, getting withdrawal symptoms now,

One bit of news, I sold my Doggy salon, and she has ordered a artist studio, for her boyfriend.

Welcome to my new followers, and thank you all for you kind messages, I do hope by next week I will be back and doingf my minis.

see you all later x
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