Friday, 6 January 2012

Tutorial how I made the settee

As promised here is how I made the settee,

I found the pattern for this in my stash of stuff, not sure where it came from, I have used this before but found it very easy to do, so here goes.

you need to cut out above in mount board or stiff card, settee back and sides ( the long bit) measures 20cm, (bottom) sides 4.5cm, top 5cm,1cm,10cm, 1cm, 5cm, on this bit you also need to make a fold 5cm in from both sides, and make a mark halfway to give you the seat level, with me so far, also cut shape in material, making it larger to enable you to cover it.
seat base 10cm long by7.5cm, again make a fold 2.5cm from the bottom edge, this forms the front of the settee, ( I also made cushion for this, its your choice.)
settee base5cm x 10cm, cut one in card and one in calico.
back cushion 11.5cm x4.5cm in material,
side cushions 5cm x 3cm, cut 4 in material.
hope you all understand that.

score sides so that they will fold round.

showing folds

cover the settee back and sides, seat base and front, in material of your choice, cover the base with calico

with material cut slightly bigger

all bits covered
 glue base to settee back and side, ( I use  masking tape to hold it together till fixed)
attach seat base and front,

seat base and front glued on

make cushions, glue back and side cushions in place,  add trim of your choice and hopefully you will now have a lovely little settee.

finished settees
 I hope you are able to follow my tutorial,
today I started to put the conservatory together, no pictures yet, getting the window frames in was very difficult, as I have repainted them, I had to trim round the frames to make them fit, so I have got to repaint areas where I have taken the paint off, I covered a bit of mdf with brick paper to form a wall, I am now looking for a board large enough to take the conservatory and to have a lawn area, looks like a trip to my local diy shop.
will be going tomorrow, got to take my car now for a MOT, wish me luck, see you all soon

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