Thursday, 5 January 2012

I am making progress

Hello and welcome to my new followers, I do hope you enjoy what you see, please feel free to leave comments,

I am making progress with my new project, so far I have been painting and more painting, and you know how much i enjoy that. I have finished painting,
I can now start adding photos, did not before as I did not want you to become as bored as I was, and no matter how I tried I could not make painting interesting, ( note to self, Shut up about painting!!!)

I made the flooring by cutting up tiny squares, I made 200, I then painted half pale blue and the rest cream, I will place these on card before I [put then on the floor of the conservatory.

I painted the conservatory pale blue, and when I was trying to put it together I found it did not have a back, so I now have got to make a wall to place it against, ( more work)

I made a small settee out of mount board and covered it, need to make another one, and a coffee table, there is still a long way way to go.

yesterday I went to my local recycling centre, they had a half price sale, came home with lots of stuff, including some Formica sheets, material, so much I had to buy another box to store it in, so much for me saying I would not buy so much this year, never mind I convince myself it will come in handy sometime,

lets see the photos

the cream tiles

pale blue

so easy to make, will have to show you how I made it

as you can see lots to put together

So as you can see a long way to go, got a bit of housework to do and then its back to doing what I enjoy, see you all soon

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