Tuesday, 8 November 2011

welcome and thank youi

Really pleased to see I am attracting more followers, to think there are people out there that like to see what I am doing, so a big THANK YOU.

today I received my table, so I had to get into my work room and sort out the dining room, luckily I had all the bits to fill the room with, I was going to make the curtains before I set it out, but having the table I could not wait.

I have got some photos for you of some of the furniture and ornaments that I have been collecting for my Victorian house

started on the big kitchen today, we have removed the shelves and rubbed down all the wood work, well I say we I meant my son, kids do come in handy sometimes.

lets get on with the photos

I found these in a junk shop, painted them gold and now they are on the wall of the dining room

Don,t the table look good, still got the curtains to make

whatnot filled with tiny dickens character figures

this is going in the upstairs hall way

before I added the table

a lovely gothic style cabinet it has Rheuter vases inside
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