Monday, 7 November 2011

victorian kitchen taking shape.

today I had a good day, first at the clinic my blood result was better, still have to stay on the higher dose, but I felt more positive.

so full of excitement I rushed home to continue with my Victorian kitchen, made the trims for the window, shelving for around the walls, fitted in the cooker, put in the skirting board, everything was looking good, I then started to replace the furniture, I still need to get some saucepans and other bits, but I am really pleased with the effect so far.

Muppet the puppy was really curious at what I was doing and I could not resist putting her in the kitchen, its the only place she looks big.

heavens above have finally had to have the heating on, only for short periods but its getting cold brr brr

real quarry tiles

beginning to add the bits

cook glad to be getting back to her baking, the poor maid never seems to finish the washing up

Muppet the giant

overall view, can you see the tiny silver hedgehog under the kitchen sink
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