Friday, 14 October 2011

What have I been up to

I took a few days off this week, met up with friends that I had not seen since school days!!! had a friend come over for a sleep over, she is into miniatures also so our main topic of conversation was yes you guessed dolls houses. She talked me into sorting out my boxes and finding out exactly what I have got, what I really need to keep and to sell some stuff to make some room, I know she is right but doing it, I kept putting items to one side to keep and that pile got bigger and bigger, so I finally decided to be really ruthless and sort it out, I have loads to sell now on eBay, even some shelving, that I no longer need,
I have also tidied up room boxes ready for me to sell hopefully,
I worked on my garden work shed, added a better roof, repainted it, made a few more bits, laid it on a board, I think it looks a lot better now, see the before and after photos,
well that's all for today, have a great weekend,


after the make over

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