Wednesday, 19 October 2011

feeling poorly

Hello and welcome to my 2 new followers, glad to have you on board.
not a lot to see today, I have a bad cold so not been up to much, have managed to get some knitting done, I am knitting my son a jumper for Christmas, glutton for punishment me,

finally got my miniatures sorted, and have day by day putting them on eBay, no mean feat as I have had to stop myself checking out whats for sale, 

I have also added a page to my face book where I have advertised my miniatures for sale, I just now have to work out how I do it here,

have not done any miniatures so far this week I have got to make some perfume bottles and pictures for a lady who has brought a 1/44 house, so out will come the magnifying glass
never made that small, will let you know how I get on

see you all soon
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