Friday, 21 October 2011

Tiny minis

After the success of making 1/24th perfume bottles I thought I would have a go again and progress a bit more by making little tray sets.

Although I did enjoy making these they are very difficult to do, you need good tweezers, magnifying glass and a good light, forgot to add steady hands.

I first found some pictures of perfume labels and shrunk them down to the smallest size, this worked but it is to small to see the details, I found some little silver coloured rings which I pasted on to mirror card and cut them out, I also cut small pieces of balsa wood, painted these,
after hunting down small beads etc, I started putting things together, the pictures I already had on my computer I just printed them out smaller, the picture frames are small jewellery bits that I had in my stash.

the tied letters, again I shrunk and printed letters I had and after folding them I tied them with red embroidery cotton.

I did end up with glued fingers, lost beads, they ping off and gave up trying to find them,
finally I got the results I wanted, see what you think

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