Tuesday, 25 October 2011

good morning

Good morning
first a warm welcome to my new followers, nice to see you here, feel free to comment, I love comments.
not having a good week, went for my regular blood tests and my clotting level was low, I have also got breathless and more tired than usual, so they have upped my warafin and I have to go back in 2 weeks, unless anything happens, must admit got really fed up over this sometimes I lust feel like its one kick after another, my body is in pain all the time, my rt arm keeps letting me down, got physio today, maybe they will be able to help. well I feel better now, there are times when one needs to have that short moment of self pity, than you get up shake yourself down and start all over again (I am sure that's a line from a song)

while I have been sitting here I have been thinking of my next project, one idea is to use the dead body and trolley I got some time ago and make some kind of haunted morgue, or something else. decisions

have got a page now on face book where I am advertising my work for sale, maybe I should use this time to develop my blog, or make a web site, we will see,

anyway my blog friends, enough for today better go to physio, thanks for letting me go on a bit
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