Saturday, 3 September 2011

Have got the dresser finished, I added some china pieces a plate of cakes, food in the bottom cupboard and the linen, the doors I replaced the inner panel with fine wire mesh, you can see the final result in the pictures.
I also finished a bed I had lying around, I made pink covers with matching pillows, got to make a couple more pillows than that's done.
still rubbing down the other unit, and still have not decided what to do with it.

Went junk shopping yesterday, found a lovely wooden frame and a little unit with glass doors, so far I have just rubbed them down and painted them white, I am waiting for inspiration to strike, must add these are not miniatures.

we are hoping that the weather will hold and we can get painting the unit and shelves painted, so much want my living room finished, but looking out its looks very grey,
if it does rain I will shut myself in my workroom and enjoy my miniatures,

have a look at the photos, what do you think of them,

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