Thursday, 1 September 2011

Hi all
I must say thank you all for you great comments, its lovely to hear from you, due to my condition i do not get out much and I rely a lot on the Internet to maintain contacts with everyone and I really do appreciate it when I hear from you, I do not feel quite so isolated, so a big THANK YOU.

have got a little bit more done, not much, as I spent the day with my eldest son, he was home fro Scotland for a few days, so he took me out to my favorite junk shops, we had a great day,
how is it when you go to these places you always find something that you did not know you really needed,  so you have to have it. I keep trying to stop buying but somehow my hand goes in my purse and if by magic I have a bag with items in it,

Back to minis, I have painted the dresser light blue, distressed it, made the doors,
made a tablecloth and napkins, I want to fill the bottom shelves with linens, so lots to do there, so I thought of tea towels, dusters, maybe more depends where my mind takes me.
have a look

can you see I have a blue theme going on.

I never know how my minis will turn out as I make it up as I go along, I sometimes have a rough idea, it seems like this dresser will be having a blue theme.

I finished off a couple of projects I am doing for my kitchen, one was a 2 drawer box, I painted this, distressed it, added some pictures I found at Graphics Fairy blog, this is a great blog and well worth looking at. This box is now used for keeping my garlic and fresh ginger in, the other piece was a small box, again this was painted, distressed and pictures added, I also varnished both bits to protect them, anyway some photos so you can see what I did.

 Don't forget to click on the pictures to see the detail.

I was so pleased I received some Egyptian objects from eBay, as if I needed any more, but could not resist when I saw them, they arrived yesterday, I am hoping today to start painting the shop, I cannot wait to start putting it all together, take a look at my new pieces

well time to hang out my washing, for a change its not raining, see you all soon

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