Tuesday, 30 August 2011


I managed to sneak out and work on some miniatures, I left them hanging the wallpaper, crept into my work room and got busy, and I was not missed and apart from the odd call for cups of tea I was left alone, as I was not sure how long I would have I did not want to start my Egyptian shop because knowing my luck just as I got started I would be called.
I checked in my box of minis and found a few bits I could work on,

the minis I picked out

first I got a settee and decided to turn into a grubby worn out piece, cruel I know but I painted the base white, broke one of the legs and then attacked it all with sand paper, I made holes in the seat pulled out some wadding and then put in some springs, I then got a bit of fabric edged it with a fringe, dirtied it up and placed this on the settee, I added 2 grubby cushions, hid a gin bottle behind the cushion, a couple of screwed up newspapers and a glass, see what you think.

see the books under the broken leg, they are to help steady it,

I then turned to the cabinet, I wanted to distress this and also change it a bit, I removed all the doors and first painted it white, then pale blue, I decided that I did not want the doors on at the top of the cabinet but would be keeping 2 doors on the base, I have had to take them apart to make them fit better, I have taken out the inner panel of the doors and I will be replacing them with wire,

now waiting for it to dry then I can add the blue, In the meantime I came across another cabinet so I have started to rub this down I am not sure what I will be doing with it, once I have stripped it back I will then decide.

All the time I have been doing this my wall is now wall papered, looks great, this week the new units will be started to be painted, there is a lot of painting before it is put together, I am so impatient for it to be done,
well that's all for now,

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