Wednesday, 15 June 2011

owl school

Well i am still taking things slowly, working one day resting the next, but feeling much better, I have been working on my owl school so thought I would update you all on the progress,
this is it in its original state before I got my hands on it

my first attempt at owls

next attempt, the school teacher and his pupils

inside I repainted, added shelves, blackboard and a cute little clock, I made this using a cut out of a clock face and a small hand bead.

on one of the shelves I placed 2 plates with apples and orange slices,
i am now at the stage of putting it together, this is the bit I enjoy the most, i made the little owls from filmo first time I had tried to make animals and I think they came out well, anyway I will let you be the judge see my pictures

still a bit more to go, some more painting and the garden to sort out, got an idea for a playground, but will have to see if I have enough room,
see you all later
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