Thursday, 9 June 2011

new work

welcome to Tee, I hope you will enjoy my blog, Thanks Norma for your lovely comments.
well I have been doing as I am told, its hard to be still, in my head I am still running around at full speed. as I said I was going to finish of my half finished projects, guess what I have finished 4, yes 4,

bedroom set, I had painted this in cream and distressed it, added gold paint and trim,

this started as a round coffee table, I added longer legs and a mirror then painted the same as the bed,
I made the perfume bottles from beads and the small dish is a button filled with old flowers

I added small pics of flowers then decorated the same as the bed

on the bed is a wooden tray made from scraps of wood, flowers and a book

I have still to add more bits to this, so far it has towels, perfume boxes and a memory box

this was an old broken settee that I repaired, painted and recovered, added cushions

I am pleased with the results and these will go into eBay for sale when I have got a few more items made.
today shopping first then back to my room, I just love it in there and find I completely lose track of time, well better hang out the washing see you all later.

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