Thursday, 16 June 2011

Hi to my new followers, hope you enjoy my blog

Having another good day, must be the weather, have finished my owl school and my friend now wants to buy it, its difficult I find when selling to friends as I always feel I should let them have items cheaper, so I am trying to decide the best price,

also finished my baby shop, so now have enough to put on ebay this weekend,
pictures below of the shop, 

My little Yorkie, Freebie is feeling sorry for herself today she has had a haircut, sometimes she gets more pampering then me, she will be worse tomorrow I am going to bath her, that will be fun I get just as wet as she does.

anyway here are the pictures

well that's all for now, I have now got to decide what next to do, maybe I will work on my house for a change, see you all soon
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