Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Welcome Susi I hope you
will enjoy my blog and the items I create.

I have been working hard today and just had to show you all how I was getting on, I have sat in my workroom nearly all day and its only when my little dog barked I realised that it was tea time, don't you just hate it when real life gets in the way of miniatures, oh for a chef!!
so I quickly fed the dog, threw together a stir fry and got back to minis,  I have just got the base to finish, I must admit I had forgotten about it and kept wondering why it would not sit right, as I was moving some bits I came across the base, I can be so dizzy at times, so now have got that to paint, in the mean time let me show you what I have done

as you can see I have now decorated the outside and placed the furniture and owls inside, I had hoped to make a playground for the garden but on looking at it there was not enough space so I added a garden instead. I am really pleased with this and now just to paint the bas and then its ready. I will be putting this on eBay for sale hopefully this weekend I have a few more miniatures to finish off first, I will have to see how I get on.
well that it for now, ironing awaits, see you all soon

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