Tuesday, 25 January 2011

its nearly finished

Today I have been putting the finishing touches to my updated haberdashery shop, I still have a few bits more to do, I cannot find lights that I want so will wait till I do before adding them, I also want to make a few hats using those that I found in the 1.00 shop, earlier post, not that happy with my sales lady might have to change her, i will live with her for a while and see,
have added pictures for you to see

the bolts of fabric are made by using scraps of material and wrapping them round a flat piece of cardboard,
the rolls of ribbon, very easy make a small shelf with a top, make a small slit either side, then take a cocktail stick and wind different laces, ribbon till full, leave bits hanging, place in slits, glue and there you have it,
the small boxes are made from either  cared or wood and if needed compartments made and filled with items,
buttons, small beads different colours,
threads, use cottons and wind round cardboard,
hat boxes, books and patterns from printies found on the web,
hope you like the finished effect.

man sits on a broken chair, clothing made from oddments

tools were made from bits of watch parts, tinfoil, wood and earings,
the bird houses from scraps of wood

the heater was made from a tut i found using cotton reel, buttons and wire them sprayed
the paint pots are made from balsa wood shaped, painted and labels found on web

closer look at the tools and heater

I thought also I would show you my little shed, i made this from everything I already had and recycled as much as I could,
i really had to use my imagination on this one, as i was determined that i would not buy a thing, the shed itself is made from cardboard strengthened by wood,
the seed packets are printies,
well that's all for now, just having a think of what i should do next,
see you all soon
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