Wednesday, 26 January 2011

new project

I have decided after lots of thinking, looking at my books, looking at my bits, it came to me I will work on the house and so I then sat at looked at it and then it spoke to me, so it is going to be a little house set in the period of the world war 11, it will be the house of a family whose only son has gone to war, he has left behind his elderly parents, he was born late to them, so i hope to reflect in my design their memories and life,

I have a lot of work to do as the house is a wreck, it is slightly smaller than 1/12th so i will have to adapt the furniture, and as it only has 3 rooms i have got to be imaginative as to how i present it,

I will be taking you all along this journey and i hope that you will add comments or suggestions as i progress, i do intend to make as much as i can myself and will be putting the items on as i make them so you can see how they are made

NOW THE JOURNEY BEGINS..............................................

So now you can see the house as it is now
watch for regular updates and tutorial's 
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