Monday, 1 November 2010

trying something new

collection of objects to ponder over, what can I do?

took 2 film canisters and covered with corrugated cardboard

decided and cut out a design I was happy with

idea forming

rough idea of the design I am going for
Today I decided to look at trying something different, Modern furniture, I did not want to go out and buy in case I did not like it, so looking round at the furniture that I had, I could find nothing that I could adapt so, decided to make my own, I drew out the style I was looking for, collected some bits and started to create, as you can see by the above pictures. I never really know what I am going to do before i do it, I make it up as I go along and if it starts to look right I go with it, so now I am forming an idea so I have started to put it together, first I am going to paint it silver and highlight some parts with bright blues and reds, I will see what I think when its dry,  will it work or will it be a waste of time, we will see, watch this space for the next installment
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