Wednesday, 3 November 2010

check out this great designer

Morning all,
check out my friends site, she makes great ceramics, dolls and other items, well worth looking at.
bit of a tough week, my German shepherd, Beth is poorly, she is 12 years old and her health is failing, so I am nursing her and trying to keep her happy and comfortable, dog lovers will understand how I am feeling, all I can hope for is her ending is peaceful and she does not suffer, but it is hard watching her, sorry to have put a bit of a downer on blog,
on a happier note, progress with my HRT, started pills last night now waiting for them to start taking effect, my son will be glad, he is tired coming home from work to this mad woman who either up the wall or cleaning .
last night spent time on my new designs coming on well, got everything painted, but now got to make a bedside cabinet, will this stop I keep adding items, hope to add photos later,
watch this space
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