Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I continue

I am getting a bit carried away with my design, I have now started a bed and chair, I have some fantastic silver metallic paint and so far everything is looking silver, I have a great necklace that hopefully will look good on the bed when I have finished butchering it,
I blame my Doctor, he took me off my HRT, and those of you will know what menopause can do, put it this way, I did not need a shower just a bar of soap when I am very hot, anyway back I went to my Doctor today, after a long discussion about the advantages and disadvantages taking HRT he asked me what I wanted to do, my answer was if you don't want a deranged, sweaty, suffering menopausal 54 year old woman hitting him with my walking stick I suggest you write out a prescription, guess what came home with my box of goodies, so now maybe my madness that seems to manifesting in the style of silver painted miniatures may abate and I will get back on course,
when I have finished these strange creations will post pictures for your advice and ideas.
see what happens I start to rant and completely forget what I started this blog for, it was meant to be about miniatures but I seem to be starting to inflict you all with my manic ramblings, I blame my medication, I used to be sane, well watch this space for my next rant
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