Monday, 22 November 2010

So busy

Items sold this weekend .

Busy Busy Busy, so much for starting my Egyptian shop, there I am busy making my bits to go in it and I get a phone call from my friend Pat who has a dolls house shop, she has just sold some of my furniture and needs more, so everything went on the back burner and I got busy, got a double bed done and have started on a nursery, not complaining just glad my bits are selling, apparently the lady who brought it was very pleased and will be looking for more of my work, fame at last,
I also got it into my head that this year for Christmas I would have a totally different look for my decorations, so I have been making my decorations, I am stitching bells, stars ect, must be mad have loads of decs in the loft but wanted to do my own,  am recycling material and have set myself the challenge of making them as cheap as possible, spend so far 5.00, when done will put on some pics for you to see.
Not liking this cold and damp weather makes my joints ache so much, some days I have to increase my medication and then I cannot do anything as they make me very sleepy, so I have to work when I can, never mind there is a lot of people worse off, my glass is always half full and i think its my happy attitude that keeps me going,
well that's all for today folks must get housework done, boring,
thanks for taking the time to read my blog, I look forward to any comments,
take care
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