Wednesday, 24 November 2010

morning all

Morning every one
and what a cold one, glad I do not have to go out this morning, we are sitting here with no heating, waiting for workman to come round, my timer panel went last night and we could not get hot water or heat, lucky I have a electric heater that I use in my work room, trouble is it makes my joints very sore and its difficult for me to move so I get very slow, my son always says I am doing my old persons impression, well at least he knows what I will look like.
well that's life these things are sent to try us!!
back to miniatures, I am busy restocking the items that have been sold, came out the blue that one, so making some more stuff to go in my friends shop, just destroying items at the moment ready for me to re do, will have to put before and after pictures on for you to see, make a note to remind me as I get forgetful, last night was so pleased I am making my own Xmas decorations and got some lovely cones finished, used material, but fingers very sore from all the pins I had to push in the egg, curious? will add pictures later, got to get batteries for my camera. add that to my list.
Have been having problems with my other dog, Freebie a little 2 year old Yorkie, she missed Beth a lot and pined for her, she is only now beginning to eat properly and play, worried me for a while, the only thing now is she is very clingy and whats to be with me all the time, can be difficult when I want to go out, I am hoping that she will give me puppies in the new year, I want another dog so does my mum and aunt, will not be selling them do not believe in that would be forever checking up that they are being cared for.
told you I ramble on.
theres the knock on the door, will have to go hopefully heater man
bye for now
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